Celebrities are, more often than not, guarded about their secrets and their personal lives. It’s as if they wear an invisible, impenetrable veil all the time that one can’t remove. They keep their own matters at an arm’s distance from the glaring view of the public eye. But the same fragment of truth cannot be attributed to someone like Kim Kardashian.

Widely regarded as one of the most popular celebrities of her time and perhaps even one of the contemporary world’s most photographed woman, Kim Kardashian wears her heart on the sleeve and many a time wears attires that leave little to the imagination.

Truth be told, few celebrities have been captured wearing bizarre albeit famous outfits and even fewer have gone on to capture globe-trotting headlines. The world is forever obsessed about what Kim wears, what make-up she applies, where she parties and the entire paraphernalia related to her glamorous, adventurous lifestyle.

But all of that is because Kim Kardashian has opted to remain deliberately under the public glare, her romances, intimate moments, breakups, and even entrepreneurial episodes broadcasted directly to the gazing public as if her entire life was one live, moving reality show.

Many have called her mean names for seeming like some random fame-crazy hedonist whose only purpose in life is to immerse herself in fanfare and the divine plusses that a wealthy lifestyle brings.

And the very fact that Kim Kardashian has often lived a larger than life lifestyle- every tiny detail of her private life often uploaded for the judgement and gumption of the prying eyes as also the endless fanfare- has only added to the constant criticisms that one’ leveled against the celebrity and the culture of being a celeb.

But all that said, in a recent interview given to none other than her own husband, Kanye West, for Vogue Magazine, Kim opened up on her worst demons and also touched upon arguably the most intimate portrait of self-criticism one would ever expect from an A-lister like herself.

This is what she happened to tell:

“Money was always the goal, but I was obsessed with fame, like, embarrassingly obsessed.” She would add, “ I do agree that fame can be addictive. Even in my darkest of times, I don’t regret putting myself out there for the world to see,” she told West. “People have shared with me over the years how much it has helped them to feel less alone when dealing with their own adversity. I love having a voice and I appreciate the platform that I have been given.”

But one feels that the freewheeling partying days or the times of hanging out with close socialite friends, such as Paris Hilton are long gone and that the mother of three perhaps chooses to lead her life treading with caution, with a lot more responsibility than previously exhibited.

The fact that she went out of her way to strike a case for criminal justice reforms in the United States after advocating for the release of Alice Marie Johnso from the prison presents us a mature, more meaningful version of the person that often fails to meet the public, often veiled in the cult of the personality.

Will that Kim Kardashian appear more consistently than ever in front of all, only time can tell!

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