What is Jr. Bachchan’s latest web series and what is it called? This is actually one of the most widely-sought questions at the moment in the space of Bollywood or Entertainment as one knows it.

That being said, while one doesn’t know when might theatres or cinemas open and when can we possibly get to enjoy one of life’s surreal pleasures (of seeing a movie on the big screen), the common notion about entertainment has changed.

It’s something like this. No longer does one talk or think about movies on screens always, right? Well, not in the current scheme of things. The times have moved on, technology has evolved and with that, so has our taste.

This is why we now have “web series!” This was a concept, which one wonders, given the massive rush for video cassettes and later DVDs, none would’ve believed had it been told to them back then.

Jr. bachchan new web series
Source: Khaleej Times

So in some sense, it’s surprising that an Abhishek Bachchan entertainment effort is coming to our web series screens. Isn’t it?

When the famous Bachchan- a name doused in solid talent- was doing movies like Bluffmaster, Bunty Aur Babli, and Yuva- would anyone have thought about tomorrow; that there would be a day where Jr. Bachchan would find a segment on a web series.

The answer is perhaps no. Nonetheless, now is the time for you to embrace a reality. Come July 10, and the attention of the Abhishek Bachchan fan-club will shift toward “Breathe Into The Shadows!”

Yes, you read that right and that is where the new space for entertainment lies for us devoted fans.

Now at first thoughts, one might ask- isn’t this a bit of an unusual name and what is the meaning and storyline behind what upon first impressions, seems a bit of a captivating space?

Crime drama with twists and turns!

Anyone for this new exciting series; surely, those who’ve recently seen the wonderful Pataal-lok and are already aware of the strength of an entertainment segment that is constantly hitting us with brilliance snippets of (good all-round) entertainment, there’s a reason to feel excited.


Meanwhile, a famous news platform had the following to share on Jr. Bachchan’s latest appearance:

The second season of Amazon Prime Video’s original series Breathe will release on July 10. Titled Breathe: Into The Shadows, the web series stars Abhishek Bachchan in the lead role, and Amit Sadh returns as senior inspector Kabir Sawant. Malayalam actor Nithya Menen has also joined the web series.

That being said, one wonders what are his own thoughts about making a brand new start of sorts?

To this, the following is Jr. Bachchan’s remarks:

Abhishek Bachchan had earlier told PTI, “In Breathe, one of the things that attracted me the most to the story was the details and nuances that were built into the character I play. This is possible in the streaming medium since the time to engage with the audience is nearly four times that of a conventional feature film.”

While at this point, only a few would be able to readily answer as to what may have been his last major or prominent Bollywood film role, what’s clear now is the very next stop for Abhishek Bachchan aka Jr. Bachchan. So are you willing to Breathe Into The Shadows on web-series!

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