Will Smith Turns 49! For Him Age Is Just A Number

Will Smith, ‘The Fresh Prince’ of Hollywood, is one of the world’s ideal men. He has got it all. He has charming looks, killing smile, attractive eyes, impressive voice (yeah! he can rap). He is a masterly accomplished actor, and he is without doubt a great Dad. His viewers absolutely love him, and he earned it. He is the ultimate man package.

His Iconic roles in Men In Black, I Am The Legend, Independence Day, Bad Boys, Hitch and The Pursuit Of Happiness is popularly known for keeping it real at his best.

Will Smith is like the handsome, charming prince of the movie world…with all the jokes. He holds 2 Grammy awards in his account. Grammy Award, for Best Rap Performance, “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” 1989 and Grammy Award, for Best Rap Performance, for “Summertime,”1992. Well, He can do it all. Right !

Apart from being a brilliant actor/father/rapper, he also happens to be one of our favourite heartthrobs ever and today he turns 49. Yes, only 49!  Will Smith has gotten himself deep into our hearts and here’s why we love his movies…

11 Heart Whelming Dialogues Of Our ‘Men In Black’ Hotty:

1. We Totally Agree.

will52. And That’s Why There Are Wars!


3. Danger Is Real Not Fear.

will94. Some Emotions Are Absolute.

will65. Be A Protector Of Your Dream.

will106. Be Unstoppable.

will37. Perception Is Just An Allusion.

8. Add Life To The Moments.

will89. Naughty Will !!!

will110. The Game Player.


11. Be One In A Million & Surely Will Is.

will7 (1)

We will get to see him soon in Bright playing the role of a cop yet again and we are sure he will outshine this one too.  Happy Birthday Will Smith! 
25 September 2017
Avni S. Singh
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