Even as Tom Cruise approaches 56, he’s still making the news. And why not, you’ve got to wonder? There are only select rare men in Hollywood who despite nearing what is termed the age where one is clearly fizzled out seem to be in the pink of health and great looks. Consider Keanu Reeves, Jonny Depp, Brad Pitt and of course, Top Gun star Tom Cruise.

Usually, there’s always a rush in the air when someone like a Tom Cruise surfaces in the headlines. When not making headlines for his amazing parts in wham-bam mega action franchises such as the Mission Impossible series or the recent The Mummy, Cruise brings on the action regarding his love life.

It could be said that what he does in his private life dominates more discussion that most serious Hollywood subjects. Of late, he’s been single and has, in fact, been looking for a ‘wingman’ to give him some company. In this regard, you could say, it’s nothing less than a great revelation that Tom Cruise in his search for finding the perfect Top Gun 2 star is looking for Gina Rodriguez to be roped in. The two are also rumoured to be an item. How else would you sum the equation with the two Hollywood stars all set to peak romance and chemistry in the yet-to-be-realised Hollywood offering?

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It might be one of the most tantalising box office rebirthing of a film that was truly a cult of its times. Even today, nearly three decades since its release, Top Gun continues to be a box office crush and a subject of great adulation for fans from different walks of life. But back to where Mr Tom Cruise is and it’s reported that he is mighty impressed with Gina Rodriguez’ body of work and the craft that she exudes in acting. It is believed that Cruise and Rodriguez have struck up a nice friendship, even if it may not be a deep bond as on date. But who knows with Tom Cruise?

In the past, Suri’s estranged daddy has been married thrice, formerly to Mimi Rogers, then to Nicole Kidman, following which he was romantically linked and married to Katie Holmes. While Cruise’ marriages haven’t been his strongest strength, so to speak, he still continues to be a mega-charmer who knows how to work up his magic on women. And, honestly speaking, there’s a little surprise on that as well. That affectionate smile, the warmth, the charm and the magnificent presence- how could any woman possibly turn down the advances of one of Hollywood’s ever-smiling and most successful stars of his generation? Where current rumours stand, it is believed that Tom Cruise is totally crushing on his Jane the Virgin actress, Gina Rodriguez, who he totally wants to score a role in his fighter pilot ensemble, Top Gun 2.

So what will happen? Will Cruise and Rodriguez actually become a star couple and embrace the media sometime soon. Moreover, will Cruise finally manage to get the actress the female lead in his mega-budget Hollywood offering?

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