Top Gun has to be one of the best movies from 80s Hollywood, along with being an official kickstarter for Tom Cruise’s career. He came into the limelight and out for the fans with this one particular film, which was one of the massive hits of 1986. Legend has it that almost 1 in 10 people consider it to be one of their favourite movies of all time, and we can totally relate to that.

Often considered to be the most All-American movie ever, Top Gun had everything one would want to watch in the 80s. The movie has Fighter planes, motorcycles, fighter pilots, bomber jackets, California, aviator sunglasses, Meg Ryan, Hawai’ian shirts, cold beer, songs by Otis Redding and the Righteous Brothers, indoor cigarette smoking, classic convertibles, redemption, beach volleyball, a Polaroid camera at the center of a crucial scene, and shirtless, smooth-chested men playing said beach volleyball in timeless blue dungarees. This accounts for everything Americans loved and somehow still love their lives in America. More than anything else, the movie had a patriotic feel to it and we all know well the audience responds to patriotism.

Plus the fact that Top Gun is one of most highly quotable movies of all time, just adds up to the success of it. But more than anything, Top Gun gave Tom Cruise to the world who is still one of America’s leading man, even three decades from the release.

Now, Tom Cruise returns as a Navy pilot in the sequel of his blockbuster film Top Gun. The news was announced by the superstar himself with a tweet in which he also revealed the name of the film – Top Gun: Maverick. He shared a picture from the shoot which shows him gazing at a fighter plane with the text ‘Feel The Need’.

As per reports, the Top Gun sequel will be set in modern times and features fighter pilots including Tom’s character grappling with drone tech that is making their old style of flying obsolete. Tom will be reprising his iconic role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and fans can’t stop getting excited about it.

Tom recently also said, ‘there may be another volleyball scene, too!’ just like the original one and this specific statement indeed added happiness to his fans reactions.

Jerry Bruckheimer is returning to produce the sequel, whereas, director Joseph Kosinski has been roped in to direct it. Kosinski has previously directed movies like Oblivion and Tron: Legacy. Top Gun: Maverick is slated to release on July 12, 2019.

Jyotsna Amla

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