In Bollywood, they said that movies work because of Shah Rukh Khan and a lot of sex. Good for them. But in Hollywood, one of the driving points for the celebrated movie business, even to this day is- Tom Cruise.

Agreed, the starry hunk of movies such as the A Few Good Men, Mission Impossible series, Cocktail and, many more has begun to show some wrinkles. But in the world of Tom Cruis,e there’s never a wrinkle in time. So when the famous Top Gun actor unveiled a shot of the new and exciting Top Gun flick, it wasn’t hard to understand why there was so much rush and anticipation.

A few years younger than Tom Hanks, the other famous Tom of the movie industry, Tom Cruise has indeed made us wait for the longest time for a remake of the classic 80s hit- Top Gun.

But then, some things are truly worth their wait, aren’t they? And, if it could also be said, truly worth all the weight that is dully attested to movies like Top Gun. In the heydays of the eighties when Tom Cruise did Top Gun- he not only excelled as Maverick but also as a show-stopping superstar who could do more than just chase girls and drive them crazy. Maverick defined Cruise as also his generation. They wanted to be out there and chase the dreams. Much like in today’s age where all are running and successfully chasing the start-up dream, being a naval aviator became a great all-encompassing dream for young Americans out there to chase.

Maverick defined Tom Cruise in great verve of style. Least of it is it being not just the name of the character but also his approach to a uniquely challenging role- that of an impassioned young American driven to chasing his winged dreams.

Maverick represented an uncompromisingly bold and passionate fighter pilot excelling at the naval academy, the very prestigious one at Top Gun and instantly arose as a symbol of class and passion, a great melange of a professional endeavour and sassy glamour. As Tom Cruise readies himself to do a reprise of his most famous character alongside the super-secretive spy Ethan Hunt- audiences can’t help but wait impatiently on the release of the film.

For the longest time moviegoers have desperately waited for the first glimpse of the new movie. And now that it is here, you can’t stop raving about Tom Cruise. First thoughts immediately go to the perceptibly flamboyant romance that Maverick shared with his aeronautical, flight instructor at Top Gun. While there’s no Kelly McGillis, romancing the charming 55-year-old Tom Cruise is a newbie whose name is yet to be confirmed. Any hints?

But the most interesting aspect of the film is also to speculate whether Tom Cruise will be pitting toe-to-toe with Iceman, played by Val Kilmer in the famous 80s hit. Can we see Kilmer, who was last confirmed to be recuperating from an onerous battle with cancer sometime soon? In fact, is he even signed up for the movie? What’s known is that the film is being written by Joseph Kosinski and will release on some date next year. The American actor recently took to his Instagram account and shared a picture from the keenly-awaited Top Gun 2 and made it clear that he can’t wait for the second installation of the flick, obviously slated to revolve around Maverick again.

By simply captioning the image as Top Gun: Day 1, Cruise raised the bar of expectations and sent viewers into a tizzy anticipating what’s next to follow. This, also, reignites the charm at following what was an iconic shot back in the day. Cruise and Goose walking in toward the fighter planes upon the sunrise. Here’s what the film’s producer Jerry Bruckheimer had to say in regards to the movie:

“Tom Cruise and I talked a little bit about Top Gun. He’s excited, he’d love to do it, and Paramount, of course, would like to do it, he shared. “So once we get all the ducks in a row, hopefully we’ll bring it to the screen.”

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