To most, the following may sound like a really weird idea and to many other, it could also seem too promising a proposal to overlook: Tom Cruise as Iron Man.

While to the dismay of those fans who don’t think it’s a very cool idea, Tom Cruise’s avatars from the usual operating space- Ethan Hunt the Mission Impossible Series- have fallen to pieces. It’s not too hard to note the fate of ‘chances’ or ‘random experiments’ taken in films like Mummy, where as Sergeant Nick, Cruise jumped into the tomb of misfortune and diaster.

Although, on his part, that Cruise stepped beyond his comfort zone- which well, as Ethan Hunt given the mind-bending stunts the secret agent gets to do is anything but comfortable- was worth lauding. Why so? For the simple fact that at 55, there may not have been a peculiarly strong need for a multi-millionaire actor to revamp his career, had that been his motivation, in 2017?

There have also been other experimentations that Syracuse’s favourite son has taken on himself such as the critically-lauded Barry Seal, an action-drama with less of mind-bending stunts giving Cruise the rare opportunity to exhibit his talent.

Tom Cruise as Iron Man
Image Source: Cosmicbook

That Tom Cruise is not considered as among the most versatile actors of his generation, or one along the likes of his contemporaries such as Hanks (the other ‘Tom’), Denzel Washington, Robert Downy Jr., could be down to the fact that the famous Mission Impossible actor has chosen to rest with a genre that underlines his phenomenal energies and flair.

To his credit, not many in that order can pull of the daredevilry that Cruise essays with nothing more than a causally suave smirk.

But that Tom Cruise is trying to reinvent himself, if not with amazing recurrence can be understood by the fact that he’s trying to broaden his cavass, trying to ally with franchises that enjoy phenomenal fanbases at this point.

Which is why the prospect of seeing Tom Cruise as Iron man- silly as it may sound at first- seems like a worthy idea to toy with and one that could have the potential to offer something different as an entertainment value.

What do you think? Well, the following is what might happen to the idea of Tom Cruise being Iron Man in the imminent future, as according to a report published on the website Cosmic Book:

According to YouTuber Grace Randolph,

the rumors surrounding Tom Cruise playing Iron Man are true and Feige is trying to make it happen.

“He is working on getting you Tom Cruise, which I’ve now heard from a second source,” says Randolph. “When I reported it to you I was like, ‘Oh! Kevin Feige wants to do it.’ And now I am hearing he is taking steps to make it happen. So that’s really exciting.”

In a previous video, Grace also added: “Kevin Feige, per usual, wants to blow DC’s Multiverse film [The Flash] out of the water. His [Doctor Strange 2] hits first… I can confirm that through my sources that Feige does want other actors to play different versions of The Avengers.” 

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That being told, let us know in the comment section below if the aforementioned would make for a fine movie-going experience; would you love to see Tom Cruise as Iron Man?

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