Beauty with brains is a rare combination they say. But add more charm to it and you get Tilda Swinton. She’s not just an actress, she’s a rock-star. She’s both the iceberg as well as the Titanic. She can save you and destroy you at the same time.

She’s relentless and she exudes an uncanny power that few other actresses have been able to match. She’s that chandelier that emits endless light. She’s the perfect novel penned by an Elif Shafaq. She’s exotic like a philosophical discourse of Soren Kierkegaard and the intellectual quips of her compatriot- Niall Ferguson.

A hauntingly charming diva, Tilda Swinton is beautiful even when she’s not nice or acting kind on the screen.

Few doubt her talent. Even fewer pose any questions at her ability to model. She was once a live-installation art herself. This is when she posed as herself and was immobile and stationary. She’s actually a museum of Hollywood’s best representation of intelligentsia.

Tilda Swinton
Daily Mail

She is the allure of autumn and the swagger about spring. Bring Tom Cruise opposite her or Keanu Reeves alongside her. She can maul them with the meer gaze of her probing eyes. They speak of a piercing power of curiosity. Tilda Swinton is that coffee table book that’s more about reading and less about coffee. She’s the perfection that a Michelangelo strived for and the perfect symphony that Chopin achieved.

You can go on and on about Tilda Swinton but nothing would ever suffice. When it comes to Tilda Swinton, you think of a mannequin-like presence embroiled in tricky cinematic challenges. Hollywood’s tinted glass becomes an ennobling spectacle with Tilda Swinton in it.

Tilda Swinton
Daily Mail

She was inspired by a donkey in an old Hollywood flick called Au Hazard Balthazar. That’s the kind of stuff she is about.

The actress responsible for the great Narnia flick and many memorable parts in films such as Burn After Reading, Only Lovers Left Alive, Snowpiercer and many more is now back and has, in fact, donned, characteristically true to her self- a very intriguing character in a brand-new film.

This time, she won’t be a demon goddess. She won’t delve in the stuff that’s got to do something with paranormal. Nor is Tilda Swinton going to play a charming vampire.

Decked in a karate uniform and wearing black plimsolls, Tilda is lending her artful presence to a new comedy flick titled, “The Dead Don’t Die.”

Intriguing as ever, the 57-year-old actress responsible for seducing Leonardo di Caprio in the famous adventure thriller The Beach is returning for a new cinematic challenge. Comedy, is, of course, a genre Tilda Swinton isn’t completely related to or with.

But for her new feature film, she is playing something of a martial arts character as evident from her tall karate dress where the UK-based actress was wearing a long wig with a middle parting.

She once featured in a memorable comedy back in the past in 2005. That was Broken flowers. But this one is slated to be of a completely different level altogether- where reports stand.

Apparently fully immersing herself into her character, Tilda Swinton recently filmed a scene which saw her take care of a zombie that was walking in the middle of the street by driving towards it. It appears to be an emotionally-charged scene of which no great detail has emerged thus far.

She could also be seen wielding a Japanese Katana, as well as a smaller version which had been shortened for special effects purposes.

The Dead Don’t Die marks the third time that Tilda has worked with prolific American filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, after starring in his 2013 vampire love-story Only Lovers Left Alive, and 2005 comedy Broken Flowers.

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