GOT has ended for this year and we will have to wait for the next year to watch last season of one of the most popular series of recent times. Well, we all know that after the end of a season, the whole team takes a break before they start shooting for next season but can you imagine what they do in their break time? You would think, they go for holiday or visit places that they have always loved or work on other projects but this one twitter handle 青红造了个白, has a completely different outlook on that matter.

This twitter account has photoshopped and shared pictures of some famous GOT characters as Chinese street vendors and it looks truly believable (Only the pictures). The editing is neat and the results of these pictures are so humorously killing, that you may fall off your place while laughing.

So, if you are feeling nostalgic already, have a look at these pictures and laugh your heart out.


Can you imagine all of them at the streets of China? The guy who created these images is indeed a Chinese photoshop master.

I am still Laughing!

All these fabulous images were created by a Chinese photoshop master known on Weibo and Twitter as @青红造了个白‏.

30 August 2017
Avni S. Singh