‘The Wall’: The New War Movie Of John Cena Will Thrill You To Death!

‘The Wall’ trailer has been dropped and this upcoming psychological thriller will definitely boggle your mind. ‘The Wall’ stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and WWE star/god John Cena in the lead roles and your will be hooked on the visuals from the very first frame.

The story of ‘The Wall’ follows two soldiers pinned down by a sniper in the Iraqi desert and these two soldiers have nothing but a barely holding up wall between them. The war is a game of survival, it is a battle of will. Cena gets shot early and spends endless days face down in the dirt yet threatens to shoot the sniper. Johnson, on the other hand, stays behind the crumbling wall, while he tries to decipher the game of the sniper. They both are parched, famished, wounded and brain-fagged and still putting their blood, sweat and tears to survive.

‘The Wall’: Watch The Full Trailer Here:

( Video Courtesy: Amazon Studios )

The two-minute trailer makes your mind go blank and we are sure the movie will mess it up beyond our expectations. Though watching John Cena in a knockdown drag-out fight is not something we are used to and it’s kind of off-brand for him but this for sure will broad his range in acting orbit.

‘The Wall’ is written by Dwain Worrell and is directed by Doug Uman.

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9 December 2016
Avni S. Singh

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