“The Mummy” has reoccurred yet again but this time it’s not a priest like Imhotep, it’s a woman. The legend has always scared the cultures all around the world since the dawn of the civilization. Hollywood has already graced us with a trilogy but this new imaginative spin-off of the concept brought back the intense curiosity like never before. The makers have released a teaser of “The Mummy” that features Tom Cruise in the lead role and we are curious to watch him in action yet again.

The new Mummy series is an action-packed horror adventure and from the first visual your eyes will be hooked on the teaser. A group of men pulls up an ancient casket from a crevice in Earth and before you know what’s happening you hear Tom Cruise saying ‘ I saw her, she is real’.

The establishment of the Mummy has been portrayed through her eyes rather than resurrecting her in from the casket and when the iris of her eyes turn golden-brown and bud out I swear you will have your heart in your mouth.

“The Mummy”: Watch The Trailer Here :

After watching those chilling visuals you can easily reckon that the hell breaks loose after the resurrection of “The Mummy” and towards the end you see Sofia Boutella who is playing the character of the MUMMY in the movie.

She is an ancient princess whose destiny was unjustly taken from her and now she is bringing terrors on the earth that defy human comprehension. It’s a whole new of God and Monsters and we just can’t hold our horses to see a full theatrical trailer.

“The Mummy” is directed by Alex Kurtzman and is coming to horrify us in theaters on 9 June 2017.

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2 December 2016
Avni S. Singh

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