In what turns out to be a pretty unfortunate blow to Tom Cruise’ hopes at stealing the show yet again, as if Rebecca Ferguson’s biking adventures, whether at Morocco or Paris weren’t already enough, it appears that Simon Pegg might just emerge as IMF’s best in the next installment of the Mission Impossible series.

Okay, think we’re kidding?

Take a look around and call Limp Bizkit for further confirmation.

Okay, we are actually kidding.

There’s one and only one Ethan Hunt, and he’s not related to one of England’s national treasure- James alias ‘Hunt the Shunt’ from Formula 1.

After you’ve successfully digested the lamest joke today, here is a piece of news that has captured the pulse of the Internet, and this time, we aren’t joking.

You bet!

You have known him for being the quick-witted, geeky if not nerdy, comical genius of a spy in the famous Mission Impossible series. You’ve also seen him as the naughty, nutty bloke who ‘wanted to see Katherine from downstairs’ in Absolutely Anything. You’ve seen Simon Pegg even take down a bunch of good for nothings in the epic pub crawl ‘The World’s End’ amid friendly banter and needless rancor.


Well, now guess what, a new beefy Simon Pegg is here to take down the number of opponents Jean Claude Van Damme or Schwarzenegger couldn’t fight. Not that Van Damme has left any mortals behind, as on date.

But then, the transformation that Simon Pegg wanted to bring about on the big screen seems by far the finest turn of events since Donald Trump’s election into the White House, the Russians, of course, would read it differently. Induction- maybe?

Nonetheless, going from being 78 kilograms to 69, as on date, Simon Pegg’s transformation, dramatic that it maybe, has taken one by surprise.

For not only has the mild-mannered Brit chucked out the lol’s his rotund character in 2007’s epic Run Fatboy Run (a must watch for body-shapes of all sizes) helped create but the dude’s put on a muscle.

Well, hell, a lot.

In an age where Jennifer Lopez’ ‘Hips don’t lie’ seemingly present a truth of our times, it ought to be said, Simon Pegg version 2, has beefed up everywhere, be it, the biceps or the thigh.

The turnaround, now evident on everywhere on the social media landscape is in lines of an upcoming movie role that requires the actor to look anything but David Schwimmer’s ace direction, Run Fatboy Run.

Interestingly, Pegg, who’d know a thing or two about fitness, seldom appearing anything close to being someone who suffers from a Butter Chicken fetish, had to work his abs (still better sounding than ‘ass’ right) off with London-based trainer Nick Lower, for a period of six months.

That said, Pegg, who’s already inspired polarizing opinions given this drastic change, not that he’d or should care a bit about the losers who are downing him, is about to appear in a thriller, “Inheritence.”

That said, good morning Mr. Hunt- this dude is not going to self-destruct in the next five seconds or anytime shorter, for that matter!

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