Robert Downey Jr., probably one of the wittiest actors ever. Admit it or not but when he enters the big screen or at any public appearance, he has all ears and eyes just on him. Robert Downey Jr. has made our life thrilling after he appeared as one of the coolest superheroes ever – Iron Man. Where every other superhero was hiding their identity, Tony Stark was the first to come out and announce that he is Iron Man. His character in the movie resembles a lot with his personal life. Tony Stark/Iron Man has many things in common with Robert Downey Jr., such as, he is funny, sarcastic, never gives up, always keeps his game on and etc, etc.

Not only as Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. has won our hearts with some of his exceptional performances. I mean if you talk about Sherlock Holmes, he had just nailed the character on that big screen. We are in awe of him for many reasons. He started off early in his life as an actor but he had his share of ups and downs in his life. Robert Downey Jr. has been in news for mental breakdown, prison and drugs but he is a true warrior as he made it to the top again. This man surely knows how to own success and here is a video, from which you can learn his Top 10 Rules For Success

Watch The Video Here:

(Video Source: Evan Carmichael)

Did you see that?  He follows a simple and basic rules in life and yet not everybody can match his brilliance. Happy Birthday Robert Downey Jr., you sir are a true inspiration.

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