Cometh the thrill, cometh the new James Bond movie!

Few film characters generate as much interest as thrill than the quintessential good old spy 007 James Bond. Her Majesty’s finest espionage hero has been enthralling audiences for nearly half a century if one were to do the exact math.

And truth be told, the James Bond franchise indeed is one such treasure trove of nerve-wracking, entertaining goodness that one can hardly ever get enough of Bond films.

Obviously, when a new James Bond film hits the theatres, it inarguably generates massive headlines, the world unfailingly turning at the big screen to witness an exuberant interplay of thrill, romance, splendor, drama, and mystery as 007 unravels audacious stunts and all the glamor to save the day.

But interestingly, even as a new James Bond film is merely in the works, the world spends its time thinking about the boundless thrill and possibilities that the next installment in the legendary franchise could possibly deliver. The expectations hit crescendo because it’s Bond.. James Bond.

And to that end, it’s worthwhile to know that the new James Bond film has already begun its intense preparation before it can surprise audiences, yet again, by next year.

And while only a few days ago we learned of the new James Bond film title- No Time To Die– there were a lot of talks regarding the possible beginning date of the movie’s shooting. To that end, die-hard fans of the 007 series would be well informed to know that the shooting of the upcoming Bond flick has already begun.

New James Bond film

This time, the starting sequence- ever punchy and mightily loaded with spine-bending action- takes place at Italy. To be precise, the latest pieces of news suggest that the new Bond film is already underway in Southern Italy, in the city of Matera.

It’s also interesting to know that while there were talks that the film was to have been shot in early April, the schedule is already underway in one of the most picturesque destinations in all of Europe.

Implicit in this opening sequence of the next big flick is the fact that the legendary Aston Martin- ever an implicit phenomenon of the Bond franchise- will be seen mowing down the scenic roads of Italy’s Matera.

Local Italian media also happened to share the following inputs in regards to the ongoing film shoot:

Watched by a curious crowd, the crew closed down part of the city center as stunt doubles – including what looked to be a long-haired blonde in the passenger seat – shot off on a car chase, the spy’s distinctive silver DB5 in pursuit of another vehicle.

Daniel Craig is expected to arrive in Matera in the next few days, for a shoot that will last nearly four weeks and bring an estimated €12 million of investment to the city.

Some 400 jobs are expected to be created by the production, not to mention the knock-on boost for tourism that’s likely to follow once the film comes out in April 2020.

The above told, an interesting facet about the new film shoot is that some of the finest locations in the city of Matera- including the grand cathedral, Unesco-listed cave houses, the iconic Roman bridge spanning a ravine- are going to be captured in the lens.

While it’s understood that Daniel Craig will be part of the mega-project as also its leading highlight, it remains to be seen whether the likes of Christoph Waltz would make a comeback to the next installment or not.

That said, surely where the anticipation, thrill, and the entire paraphernalia surrounding the suave James Bond is concerned, this indeed is, “No Time To Die!”

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