The new trailer of “Baywatch” is here and finally, we have a bit more of Priyanka Chopra, than before. This is the third trailer of Baywatch and before this, Priyanka’s fans were rather not happy with the makers for not showing a whole lot of PC in the trailers, however, this one is going to change it all.

Priyanka Chopra looks amazing as heck, hell there’s no one hotter than Priyanka in that trailer, except maybe The Rock and even Priyanka agrees to that. With her beautiful smile and audacious sass, one can’t even think of her as a Villain. But then, she’s playing that role and one just can’t get over Victoria Leed’s smirks. Apart from Priyanka’s snippets, there’s nothing new in this Baywatch trailer and features some old scenes.

“Baywatch” Trailer: Watch The Full Video Here:

(Video Source: KinoCheck International)

Told you, right? Priyanka Chopra has definitely excelled the art of sass in this film and we just can’t watch to catch more of those, ‘Easy Brittany’ moments. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron too, are rocking the scenes at Baywatch and the film seems to be nothing short of a fun ride that everyone would want to hop on.

“Baywatch” also has Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach and Jon Bass.

26th April 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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