Romantic movies such as Titanic, The Notebook, and Love Actually etc are already so popular that you must have watched them a bazillion times. However, amidst these popular movies, there are many drooling in love movies that go unnoticed.

While you have already exhausted the best ones previously. How about you make a list of some new ones so that you both can have a bunch of movie nights in this Valentine’s week? After all, it’s the most romantic week of the year, so lit up some scented candles and prepare some snacks as we have some less popular movies that will give you all the feels.

Here Are Some Less Popular Movies That You Should Watch With Your BAE!

1. Man Up

Umm, how would you feel if your blind date gets stolen? Well, this one is all about the game that love is.

2. About Time

What could be better than romance blended with time travel?

3. What If

You know when you are secretly in love with your BFF but can’t tell her because she has got a boyfriend. Yeah, this one is all about love conquers all.

4. The Decoy Bride

You know how Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli got secretly married recently, same goes with this one’s story. A star wants to marry her love in piece but will she?

5. The DUFFS

This one is a high school rom-com but it’s worth a watch for all the lovesick hearts.

6. Life Partners

When two BFF fall in love with each other, things either become complicated or simply beautiful. Here the later one happens.

7. Someone Like You

Hugh Jackman is starring in a romantic movie, do you need more reasons to watch it?

Well, the valentine week has more than seven days but you can always plan dates in between right?

Avni S. Singh

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