Oscars 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar and the world goes ‘banana’. Yeah! It is the most awaited achievement for him and his fans but even his haters couldn’t help taking about him. Leonardo won and the whole world is celebrating this proud moment with him. It has not been easy for him, he got nominated 6 times for Oscar and never won before, he had sympathy and support of his friends and fans but there were many people who trolled him and mock about him over not getting the Oscar trophy. Now, when he has it people across the globe are posting and tweeting, what they say is beyond hilarious.

Here are 15 tweets about Leonardo DiCaprio that will make you laugh so hard that you may find yourself rolling on the floor.

Check Them Out!!


You Go Leo!!! We Are Proud Of You!!


29 Feb 2016
Avni S. Singh

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