Justin Bieber’s India Concert Is Being Criticised A Lot On Twitter

Last Night, one of Pop Culture’s biggest phenomenon visited India and performed for his audience. While many anticipated his arrival, no one was as excited as the Indian media who covered Justin Bieber throughout his Day 1 in India.

Bieber performed for a massive crowd of 50,000 people in Mumbai’s D.Y. Patil Stadium. People from all over the country and from other countries, visited Mumbai to catch Justin live, however, there are many things that didn’t go down well with the audience.

From B-Stars to the girl-next-door, everyone was there and many felt cheated at the end of the night. Why you may ask? Because in between, Bieber did lip sync to his songs, actually he mis-lip sync to his songs. Many went ahead to tell the world about.

Kaneez Surka on Twitter

I’ve never seen an artist give that many 0 fucks in my life. If you’re going 2 lip sync, atleast attempt 2 sync your lips #JustinBieberIndia

Ameya Sapre on Twitter

2 minutes of silence for the Bieber fans who paid to watch him LIP SYNC to his songs, that too sober! #JustinBieberIndia

Arjun Singh on Twitter

JustinBieberIndia people in India are already aware of Lip Syncing as bollywood is full of this, we don’t need #Justin to tell that.

Aashish Kushwaha on Twitter

People paid 76K for seeing Justin lip sync to his own songs. Like seriously #JustinBieberIndia #JustinBieberIndia https://t.co/80AexaoYok

Ashish Shakya on Twitter

Bieber was so bad it was hilarious. He had the stage presence of khichdi. Plus kaafi lip sync. (Lucky that my tickets were free :D)

Boring… on Twitter

Feeling sorry for people who paid 76k to see Justin Bieber do lip sync in hot humid Mumbai evening. #justinbieberindia

Marlon Moraes on Twitter

Came down from Goa just to see @justinbieber play his songs off YouTube. Couldn’t even get the lip sync right #JustinBieberIndia

Mogambo खुश हुआ! on Twitter

So you got lip syncing Justin Bieber for 75k Good deal #JustinBieberIndia

Vipul Kandal on Twitter

Is it me that feels like Justin bieber did dubmash for 75000 rupee ticket. (only lip syncing) #JustinBieberIndia

Shareq Inamdar on Twitter

@justinbieber lip sync all his songs on stage. What a way to cheat your fans. And what a waste of so much money. #JustinBieberIndia

Anushkha on Twitter

Ppl pay 75k bucks just to watch Justin bieber doing dubsmash #JustinBieberconcert #JustinBieberIndia

However, Bieber did sang some acoustic versions of his songs with his guitar which were not lip-synced.

this bitch on Twitter

@monikarawal @justinbieber He did lip sync a few songs but he also sang songs live. He obviously couldn’t sing for two hours straight.

Apart from the lip-syncing fiasco, many are also angry on the choice of clothes Bieber was wearing, which is just bizarre. They vent out their anger for one of the stupidest thing, I guess it now should be noted as a fact that Indians do get angry at anything.

mayankspatel on Twitter

logo ne kidney bech si inke concert ke liye aur ye kachchhe pehan ke ga rhe hai… #JustinBieberIndia

Tanmay Bhave on Twitter

@SirJadeja Seriously ppl paid ₹80k to see his chaddi baniyan #justinbeiber #JustinBieberIndia #goback #beiberlootingindia

I’m not sure on Twitter

Why did @justinbieber dress up like my dad going for a morning jog and perform last night? #JustinBieberIndia

In the end, Justin Bieber promises to come back and expressed his gratitude as well as his love for all the fans who travelled to watch his concert.

One Less Lonely Girl on Twitter

Still reeling from @justinbieber speech from last night’s concert #JustinBieberIndia #PurposeTourIndia #DYPatilStadium #JustinBieber #Mumbai

11th May 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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