Justice League teaser is here and the makers have made sure that it teases us in just the right manner. They have introduced all the new characters and gave us enough glimpse of the super warriors that rose our interest to the peak. Well, in the first installment of Batman Vs Superman, Wonder Woman was introduced as the element of surprise but in Justice League, she is working with Batman aka Bruce Wayne to assemble the team of warriors with super powers to fight with Steppenwolf and the Parademons.

The new faces introduced to us are The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg and all of them look so phenomenal on the screen that we just can’t wait for a full theatrical trailer to see some more of them.

For example, Jason Momoa introduction as Aquaman is just larger-than-life and the Atlantis’ king looks lethal and destructive.


The snippet of Ezra Miller as The Flash was no less intriguing, after all, he is the fastest man on earth.

Though we haven’t got a teaser of Cyborg’s introduction but Batman surely entertained us with a footage focusing entirely on his character.

After all these videos, Justice League gave us a good new teaser which has gotten all our attention.

Justice League: Here Is The Full Teaser:

Although, we haven’t seen Superman and the villain Steppenwolf in this one but we are hoping that the trailer wouldn’t leave both of them out.

Justice League is directed by Zack Snyder and is releasing on 17 November 2017.

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