As you are barely able to cope with the idea that its yet another hectic Monday, managing to sip away that warm cup of Cappuccino, whilst attempting to wastefully slip away the idea from the mind that Sunday is no longer here, you open the tv and flip over the pages of morning newspaper. Just what do you see? The words, “Jim Carrey is dieting to death” appear in bold, almost like a sudden jaw-pulling statement that leaves you partly bewildered and partly with a ‘Oh no… I can’t help it’ expression. It happens, you feel its fine. The day goes on.


Then, the next morning, as you are about to bite into your favourite Tuna sandwich at work, your mind trickles back to the thought of the bloke who made your jaw hurt, by simply moving his in weird staccato rhythmic movements. You feel slightly perturbed. You instantly think to yourself, “Goodness… what if Carrey is, in fact, doing that to himself?” Suddenly you open an A-list Hollywood gossip website. The immediate search result about typing in perhaps the most famous comedian’s name is the following. Reports about Jim Carrey dieting to death are false.

Just how are you to deal with it. Just what is going on. Without a doubt, one of the most sought after names in the realm of fantastical very Hollywood adventures, the shining star of many a dramatic 90s and early 2000s hit- The Mask, Me Myself & Irene, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Dumb and Dumber, Yes Man and many other acclaimed hits- Jim Carrey has tight-walked a thin rope that borders between amazing stardom and the excesses that come with it; perhaps unannounced, perhaps knowing that what it can do to bring one of the most powerful names in showbiz down. What is believed about Jim Carrey is this.

In the wake of the rather controversial suicidal death of his girlfriend- Cathriona White- Jim Carrey has been a sad man, one hounded by as many paparazzi as mainstream media, all of whom have been chasing the Canadian actor to find a word that perhaps makes sense, in the whole saga pertaining to Carrey’s girlfriend’s demise. Some people blame Jim. Some don’t and prefer to stand by the Liar Liar hitmaker. But who is to know what is true? That said, if at all the news surrounding Carrey- one suggesting that the usually smiling spirit- is at all true, then it brings a great sigh of disbelief and disconsolation for fans who pretty much forget that the man responsible for wearing a tacky albeit crazy green mask, one who went about making Hollywood his own with an immensity of smoothness and self-belief can also be torn within.


Reports suggest that confining himself to an LA studio, Carrey, these days only goes by having a glass of water or at the most some lime water or some green tea. One hopes the Yes Man to return to his usual charming self, one that has sort of grown on us fans.

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