Mother! trailer is here and there’s so much more to this film than what can one even think of.

Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem starer mother! Trailer starts of with small snippets from the entire movie and that is enough to get up shit scared of it. Lawrence and Bardem are a couple who live in an isolated home whose lives got interrupted by visitors. Even though the starting seems to remind us just of the traditional horror films, there’s something in it that is keeping us intrigued.

Mother! Is directed by Darren Aronofsky who has previously given films like Black Swan and Requiem Of A Dream, now, anyone who has seen these movies know how talented Aronofsky is. His work has always spoken for itself and let’s just admit that Aronofsky knows the art of Twisted Tales, which can also be expected from mother!

Mother!: Watch The Trailer Here:

( Source: Paramount Pictures )

Told you no? Mother! Is an exciting watch. Apart from Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, mother! Also, has Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Mother! Is a psychological thriller about Love, Devotion, and Sacrifice, and it’s definitely going to be one of the best scary movies of this year.

8th August 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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