For decades together, he’s been producing awe-inspiring action moves in movies that become adventures borne out of sheer amazing dexterity in Martial arts prowess. He’s jumped off from buildings, broken nearly every single bone of his body in different parts and in different points in times but made us laugh as much as he’s chipped off the butts of his on-screen baddies.

There’s no stopping him. There’s no defying him either. Jackie Chan does what only a few others have or will manage in the forthcoming times: to ally comedy with action with sedate ease.

And guess what, at 64, where most actors of a similar pedigree may have entertained thoughts of stopping or at least, stepping off the throttle- Jackie Chan is still going strong.

Apparently, Jackie Chan’s next movie neither has the likes of a Jet Li, Chuck Norris or even Jean Claude Van Damme. He’s about to star alongside the one and only man behind the famous Ip Man series- Donnie Yen.

Where pure martial art fans are concerned, then they are passionately focused on the forthcoming release- Ip Man 4. 3 previous instalments have literally unfurled a mega one man ‘takes it all down on his own’ kinda action saga. And few, we all know, manage to pack a perfect martial art move as the traditionalists; the masters who hail from the ‘very region.’

In that regard, Donnie Yen is a one of a kind action star. Pure impulse doesn’t define his fight-sequences, it’s massively quick reflexes and great footwork. Although, where the current moment flows, it may not be all that easy for him in the next big flick- Ip Man 4.

Pitted directly opposite him is the eternal fan-favourite- Jackie Chan. Can the duo present something outstanding in a keenly-anticipated martial arts saga? That is pretty much the question everyone is asking and there’s little sense in doubting the mega-prospect we have on our hands.

But that told, Jackie Chan hasn’t been the most active of late. He’s gone slightly off-radar where pure cringe-worthy action movies are concerned. There was a lot of talk of him coming back alongside Chris Tucker for the fourth instalment of the famous Rush Hour franchise. Though none of that has transpired so far, what we do have is the mouth-watering prospect of seeing two fiercely talented martial art veterans rock it out in a screen mishmash of pulsating action and groovy moves.

There’s little surprise that the biggest highlight of the forthcoming release Ip Man 4 is the main fight sequence between Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen. The Kung Fu series is expected to hit the screens a bit later this year, but one can hardly wait for the impending movie.

Although, it is believed that the film was actually completed in 2017 and has an ensemble of several junior martial arts stunt artists. But the makers of the movie, it is believed, have been occupied in the post-production of the said film and hence the wait for the release.

Here’s the most important perspective related to Ip Man 4. Can you guess what that might be? It concerns the one and the only man responsible for the founding of “Jeet Kun do”. It’s none other than Bruce Lee.

The film follows the trail of Bruce Lee in the United States. How he arrived here, established himself in a land he knew nothing of or about and then, gradually earned the respect of those who came to know him.

Popular online media platform Next Shark says of the film “Ip Man 4” follows Bruce Lee’s arrival in the United States with hopes of opening his own martial arts school, which turned out to be challenging when he offends locals.

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