Irrfan Khan is ready to win our hearts once again with his upcoming Hollywood venture Inferno. The movie is an adaptation of a novel written by Dan Brown and like other previous adaptation, Tom Hanks is there. Well, the movie was in the works for a while and finally the wait is over as Inferno is all set to leave you stunned.

The first teaser trailer of the movie is out and it is so thrilling that you will find it hard to keep your mind out of it. Irrfan Khan is playing a character of the Provost and as usual Tom Hanks is starring as famous character Robert Langdon. This time, it’s race against time and if the time ran out the whole world will be in the biggest jeopardy. Chilling Right?

Watch The Teaser Trailer Here:

(Video Courtesy: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Although, the shots of the trailer are so quick that it will be hard for you to put all the pieces together. But you will certainly find your heart racing like the bike of the Ghost Rider. The music of the trailer is kept so haunting that you will stick to your seat till it ends. The movie will be out in October and like us, we bet you also can’t wait for it.

11 May, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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