A bit of an enigma surrounds actor Val Kilmer. One of the true mysterious characters of Hollywood, someone whose allure is as intact as the great Rock of Gibraltar.

In Val Kilmer’s ebb rest so many treasure troves of Hollywood that they can never be forgotten, to be fair to the actor. He is, by the way, the Iceman of Hollywood, a famous character birthed by the unforgettable Tom Cruise-legend “Top Gun,” one of the most famous movies of all time (not just the eighties).

What Is Val Kilmer's Current Health Status
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The confrontation between Maverick and Iceman was, is, and will always be one of the most captivating tales of Hollywood and movie-dom, so to speak.

It’s an antithesis to the regular, jovial chemistry of sorts that spoke of two contrasting personalities and their approach to life and the art of being a naval aviator.

Who can ever forget Top Gun, truth be told?

An actor as versatile as the changing seasons in this world, something that’s refreshing and charming in equal measure, Val Kilmer has also carried a rustic ‘bad boy image.’

The ladies man; the man that many would want to be!

Remember, his recent confession where he said (in reference to Angelina Jolie) that “I can’t wait to kiss her,” speaking in reference to the shooting of the film Alexander?

Someone who’s carried, apart from his discerning charm, a notorious image, there’s never a dearth of excitement in the world of Val Kilmer.

But all of that said, it goes without saying that not everything has been so happy-go-lucky and so full of joy and reverence in the 60-year-old’s life.

For quite some time now, he’s been dealing with cancer. In fact, soon, in a matter of a few months, it’ll be nearly half a decade ever since the famous actor came to deal with a serious, life-threatening condition.

In between, were regular social media updates and pictures that emerged everywhere on the world wide web concerning his health status. The very sight of Val Kilmer hovering around at charities and fund-raisers and even promotional events with a piece of stylish cloth wrapped around his neck, did seem to suggest that not everything was alright at his end.

Or was it?

Now, having opened up on his current health status, the man who even donned the incredible “Bat-Suit” and turned up as the Batman in one of the most expensive movies of all of the nineties had the following to say in the matter of his health, giving us a clear idea of just how’s he been feeling:

“I feel a lot better than I sound, but I feel wonderful!”

While one cannot be happier in simply feeling glad that Val is still around and holding up strong, what matters is to note what the web journal Cancer Health (www.cancerhealth.com) had to say on the actor’s condition:

Although Kilmer misses his voice and doesn’t like laughing like a pirate, he has found a new voice in writing. I’m Your Huckleberry— the title comes from a line his character Doc Holliday utters in Tombstone—delves into some of Kilmer’s most iconic roles as well as his high-profile relationships, including his romance with music icon Cher, who helped him through his diagnosis and treatment.

One of Hollywood’s luminaries- singer, actor Cher- who had invited Val Kilmer over to her place at a time where his health was deteriorating also mentioned that she was glad that she kept him in high spirits despite the known actor suffering from a serious situation.

Well, let’s just hope that Val feels better and gets back on his feet in the best of shapes sooner than any later.

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