There is no greater news than Game Of Thrones Season 6 has released the second trailer but right after you will see it, your head will burst with all kinds of questions. A fresh look at the Games Of Thrones Season 6 will blow your mind as it offers a lot of new teases. For a start, the season looks suspicious than ever and everything looks miserable, when we say miserable, we mean it for every character of the series.

Jon Snow is dead but Davos is watching over his corpse so that he do not become a White Walker but if Jon is not going to rise as a White Walker then how would he rise from the dead?

Do you remember Bran? His mysterious abilities are getting stronger but what he can do is remain hidden and here is good news, you will get to see a whole new sexy red priestess. Sansa who was a cute girl wanted to be a Queen is now on a verge of getting revenge and joins the war. Arya is given the second chance to survive and she is going to make the most of it. Aren’t we forgetting something? Yes! The very beautiful and powerful Khaleesi is getting stripped and the dragons are not there to save her.

Watch The Trailer Here:

(Video Courtesy: GameofThrones)

Looks like everything is going to change this season. Cersei and Jaime are looking ready for revenge on their enemies. In between you will see the multiple shots of Dragons and at the last when Tyrion faces one right front of him will scare the hell out of you. All this excitement will begin at the end of April as the series will be aired on HBO from 24 April.

12 Apr 2016
Avni S. Singh

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