‘Finding Dory’ is the Disney and Pixar’s upcoming movie and after 13 years the sequel of Finding Nemo is almost here. The makers have released its latest trailer and you will fall in love with Dory right after you see her.

So, Dory has a partial amnesia that runs in the family and some nincompoops catch her and take her out of the ocean. Now poor Dory wanders everywhere to find her family. She was caught in a plastic six-pack ring, scooped in a marine life institute, kept in a museum and where not. If you loved the previous marine characters of Finding Nemo then you will instantly love Dory and the other Marine characters of the movie. The separation from her parents makes her sad and she kept getting into unfortunate events while she is trying to find her family.

Watch The Trailer Here:

(Video Courtesy: TheEllenShow)

Well, if you think that the plot of the movie is same then you need to re-watch it as they have included some new incidents and marine characters. It’s going to be another heart-touching story that sends out the message about friendship, family, and separation anxiety. Be aware you may need tissues in theaters to wipe off your tears. ‘Finding Dory’ will open on 17th June in theaters.

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25 May, 2016
Team Rapid

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