She’s got a cute face and a really inexplicable simplicity about her. Perhaps, the kind of light-feathered sexiness that Dakota Johnson has cannot be sufficiently described by writing essays of any kind. Nor would explaining her through poetic couplets suffice. Maybe as revealed by some of the best Dakota Johnson movies, it makes sense to say, we don’t yet have a word or genre to describe Johnson’s kind of beauty that borders on softness and intelligence, refusing to be contained strictly by either element.

And maybe, it is this very intrinsically charming quality about her that adds to her appeal.

Dakota Johnson doesn’t have a figure that might blow your mind away like Cameron Diaz. She’s not electrifying and energetic like a simple candid shot of Julia Roberts bursting out in laughter.

What she does have, however, as revealed by the following Dakota Johnson movies is tons of talent that muscles its presence against a compelling screen presence that doesn’t scream for attention.

Let’s have a look at some interesting Dakota Johnson movies that explore the actresses’ potential from outside the realm of physically intoxicating beauty and histrionics.

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Black Mass

Playing wife to Johnny Depp in a movie embroiled with interesting emotional upheavals, massive unpredictability with a crime drama at the backdrop can, on its own, be a nerve-wracking job.

But playing Whitey Bulger’s common-law wife, Black Mass brought out the actor in Johnson in a manner that the film might be referred to being among the best Dakota Johnson’s flicks.

Raising up a son with her man often out, nursing controversies, run-ins with the law, crime, the bond portrayed by Dakota Johnson- playing Lindsey Cyr-with Johnny Depp in the movie was pure acting gold.

Need for Speed

What was a good looking chick doing in a multi-star cast flick based on speed and games and men’s lust for winning?

Well turning the fire, what else but in a very soft, hazy, Dakota Johnson-way!

For most youngsters who happened to be avid lovers of video games, and car racing games, in particular, Need for Speed was a way of life decades back.

Then, when the film based on the famous video game came to life, Dakota Johnson turned out to be the apple of everyone’s eyes.

The particular scene where she’s introduced by her brother to his ‘hood’, “Anita” stepping out of a car taking her bag out of the boot, there was a radiance about her on-screen character, one shown with a lot pithiness bordering on compassion in a role where despite being the pretty girl on a regular aspiring racer’s shoulder, Dakota was refreshing as the monsoon wind.


When you have under the same roof, stars like Tilda Swinton- the brand ambassador of the phrase enchantment- and Dakota Johnson- an adjective of cuteness- in a storyline about a complicated art-form like dance and the emotional upheaval, trauma surrounding it, you can be sure this isn’t going to be a regular cinematic ride.

What happens to a world-renowned dance company when its greatest dancer, a grieving psychotherapist, and the troupe’s director get entangled in a tale?

Well, it unfurls one of the best Dakota Johnson movies, what else- one that borders on art, the complications surrounding it, greed, human values, and the constantly changing turnstiles of life?

A bigger splash

It’s one of the best Dakota Johnson movies wherein she becomes the young cynosure of an elders’ eyes.

Four people, who holiday together after a long time undergo a mini romantic sojourn of sorts or should one say rekindling of a long-lost romantic spark. These are two friendly families but wherein a duo has shared a romantic past.

Dakota Johnson becomes the apple of Ralph Fiennes’ eyes and in a way that no one else can, not even Tilda Swinton. Need one say more?

Oh, there’s undeniable visual delight, intoxicating physical drama, lust and some family fun.

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