These superheroes and supervillains know how to have fun while saving and destroying the world and there’s nothing more exciting than that.

We all have seen the superheroes and villains who are an absolute badass in destroying or saving the day but someone who knows how to not take themselves too seriously is always a bigger winner in the audience’s eyes. Yes, everyone does love entertainment and it gets all the more fun to watch when entertainment comes from a character that you never even thought of, at first.

Kicking butts go hand in hand for these figures and no matter what universe did they came from, they’re here to stay. So, we have gathered a list of 8 superheroes and supervillains who are the funniest of them all. We haven’t just taken characters, but even certain parts that were played differently in different media.

8. Batman (1966)

Who could have thought that our beloved dark and broody Batman can ever appear on a list like this? However, in 1966’s Batman movie, things were different. This certain rendition of the classic superhero tale came at a time when audience adored their superheroes to be more on the comic side than on the dark side, and so did Batman became a superhero with great comic timings. Apart from funny scenes, weird costumes and absurd gadgetry, there was a mix of hilarious dialogues that made Batman a laughing stock of that time.

7. Hawkeye

source: CinemaBlend
source: CinemaBlend
Be it the comic book version or the one that we have often seen in Thor movies, Hawkeye is one funny superhero character in the universe. He has been in a team of goof balls which eventually means that even this character will spill some comic beans at times, and so he does. Hawkeye certainly knows how to not take himself too seriously at times and this is what makes him one lovable creature. Plus, the fact that he is one of the very few superheroes who actually look at a situation from the vision of a simple and normal guy makes his real enough to believe in.

6. The Riddler

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest
The Riddler is a character who was made with the idea of comically outstanding in mind. Be it in the comics or in Batman (1966-1968) or in Batman Forever (1995), everyone who played this character did an absolute justice to the writer’s work. Plus, Jim Carrey played the character in Batman Forever, so one can just think of all the possibilities they get to laugh at him. The Riddler is the easiest of Batman’s villains to laugh at and the best part, he doesn’t disappoint his audience.

5. Star Lord

source: Meme Center
source: Meme Center
Star Lord is one character who has kept on being his amusing self, even after traveling to various galaxies. His worldly sense of humour is something that has always kept the audience chuckling in their seats, plus, he has the ability to just get the funny out of a boring situation and that’s what makes watching him on the screen a treat.

4. Iron Man

source: Sideshow Collectibles
Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man can seriously be named the character that saved the entire Marvel Universe from sinking in deep into their own imagination. This man with a lot of money knows how to be cocky, sarcastic and funny at the same time. One can easily make out that it was particularly Robert Downey Jr who did wonders to this character and made it what it’s today.

3. Spider Man

source: The Independent
Now, Spider Man has always been written as a funny character, however, Tobey Maguire’s Spider Man was quite soft on his work. But then came the Amazing Spider Man and Andrew Garfield charmed his way into the character and made it completely relatable with the one in comic books. He was cocky and knew how to have fun while still being young.

2. Joker

Joker was a Joker by his name but one has to admit that he indeed is a funny character. Definitely more fun for you if Dark Humour interests you and tickles your funny bone. Joker can easily be considered the epitome of dark humour if there ever becomes one. Plus, there’s the iconic laugh of Joker that first seems funny and then transcends into terrifying the shit out of you.

1. Deadpool

source: The Odyssey Online
Deadpool is hands down the funniest superhero and villain that one can ever see or read. He has the ability to break the fourth wall between his universe and the audience, and it’s the moments like these ones where he excelled his comic timing the most. This superhero doesn’t take or give pity, which is why his own misery is his favourite thing to talk and laugh about. Plus, he knows that it’s better to make his audience laugh with him, rather than on him is what makes the entire process more amusing.

So, who was your favourite?

6th September 2017
Jyotsna Amla