6 Songs By Sia That Are Way Better Than “Cheap Thrills”!

Sia, whose cheap thrills rated top on charts is one hell of an artist who is not only visually captivating but her voice creates a hurricane of emotions in your mind. The singer/writer is an inspiration to many and her habit of keeping her identity hidden from her fans makes Sia one distinctive star.

Her words inhere many strong emotions, from agony to tears to sadness to smile to happiness to laughter to many other that we can write on and on but the list probably would exhaust you. Although, her Cheap Thrills is loved by millions but those who really follow her that she was a true star even before this song landed on our ears.

Sia has produced many songs that can be put in the category of “Larger Than Life” and if you, not a follower then you must hear these six songs by Sia that will make you fall in love with her and her work more than ever.

1. You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

2. My Love

3. Dressed in Black

4. Helium

5. The Girl You Lost to Cocaine

6. Clap Your Hands

Sink into the deep meanings and you will realize her words can reveal emotions that were residing inside your heart but you had no idea that they existed.

Aren’t You In Love With All of Them Already? We Know You Are!

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