1,000 Performers Came Together To Play “Smells Like Teen Spirit” And It’s Epic

Nirvana, while for some this word might mean a transcendent state in which there is no suffering and no desire, for others it might be a way of living which was constructed by three talented musicians.

Nirvana, an art painted by Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl, changed the way people consumed music in the early 90s. They were producing a perfect mix of grunge and alternative rock that hit the radio and the people listening to it, hard. As said, Nirvana can simply be considered one of the very few rock bands in history that had a tangible and immediate impact on the music at a significant time.

Smells Like Teen Spirit” is the youth anthem which touched and showcased the emotions of the teens in the most authentic and raw way possible, which is possibly the reason behind it being massively popular among the listeners and is still added in every “50 Greatest Hits of all time” list. Rock fan or not, Smells like Teen Spirit touches everyone in the deepest way possible and is still considered to be relevant to the teenagers. A big example of that can be seen in this massive gathering of 1,000 performers who performed the youth anthem live during That’s Live – The Biggest Rock Band on Earth.

Watch The Video Here:

(Video Courtesy: Rockin’ 1000)

One can simply see the passion and conviction with which these performers are playing Nirvana’s most celebrated work and we are simply in awe of it.

Kurt Cobain took his life due to all the success he was getting and many other reasons, however, his work is still with us and after seeing this I almost feel like Cobain would be proud of it.

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30 January 2017
Avni S. Singh

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