It has been more than two decades since Harry Potter became a reality and many of us are still completely obsessed with it. In fact, given a choice, some of us Potterheads would willingly exchange our ordinary lives for the one at Hogwarts, wouldn’t we?

We have dreamt about that letter to arrive at our homes when we turned 13 and more than that, we have dreamt of being on the Hogwarts Express in order to reach the most magical place on Earth, not Disneyland, but Hogwarts. We have dreamt about the houses we would be chosen for and more than anything we already planned for the kind of friends we would be making in the school. However, reality hit us when we turned 13 and no letter came to us, not even the Hogwarts Express.

But the Harry Potter fans who still long for the arrival of that express, we have some good news for them. You can, in fact, ride on it and share your knowledge of the Potterverse with young kids and older fans.

The North Yorkshire Moors Historical Railway Trust in England is currently looking for some super fans, a.k.a Harry Potter Experts, who can board the train and enlighten their fellow passengers with their breathtaking knowledge about the Potterverse. Remember, these experts need to have a strong grip on all possible connections between the books, movies and even the real location where the movie was shot.

As per the people behind the opportunity, one only needs to be available on the weekdays to accommodate for school visits and enlighten group of Muggles and enthusiasts on tours around “Goathland station (which was known as Hogsmeade in the books and films), delivering knowledge on the history of the railway and the station’s association with the Harry Potter franchise.”

source: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Apart from all this, the chosen one would also get the opportunity to closely work with the Education Officer in order to make a great itinerary for the visiting group. They’ll do it all, just to ensure that everyone had a gala time and even got to learn something new and interesting about the Potterverse.

Wait, there’s more, they would also engage with the media for the publicity of the events and everything related to it. In short, they’ll be working “with the support of the Marketing department and Ministry of Magic.”

So, if you think you’re perfect for the job and have everything that it takes to be a great knowledge beholder of Potterverse and Hogwarts Express then buckle up and move towards your dreams. All the best from us.

Jyotsna Amla

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