Bollywood is not just a movie industry or some distant cousin to America’s Hollywood, it is an emotion that continues to grow among the people of this world with one movie at a time. And while we continue to change the problematic narrative pushed by Bollywood earlier, there are just movies and characters that will always be with us for the amazing impact they had on their audience.

Certain movies and actors will always be known for their stories they told and they’ll especially be remembered for the dialogues.

Each and every strong dialogue that is essential to the storyline and spoken with contemplation always remains with the audience that they can always go back to. In fact, there are certain dialogues that almost become an identity for the actors who spoke them and there’s nothing more special for that actor.

We have accumulated 15 of the most famous Bollywood dialogues ever from the early days of Bollywood movies. They’re evergreen and have proven to stand the test of time and new movies releasing every week.

1. Devdas (1955) – Dilip Kumar

Famous Bollywood Dialogues

2. Mughal-E-Azam (1960) – Prithviraj Kapoor

Famous Bollywood Dialogues3. Waqt (1965) – Raaj Kumar

Famous Bollywood Dialogues4. Guide (1966) – Devanand

Famous Bollywood Dialogues5. Anand (1971) – Rajesh Khanna

Famous Bollywood Dialogues6. Pakeezah (1972) – Raaj Kumar

Famous Bollywood Dialogues7. Badla (1974) – Shatrughan Sinha

Famous Bollywood Dialogues8. Kalicharan (1976) – Ajit Khan

Famous Bollywood Dialogues9. Sholay (1975) – Amjad Khan

Famous Bollywood Dialogues10. Deewar (1975) – Shashi Kapoor

Famous Bollywood Dialogues11. Don (1978) – Amitabh Bachchan

Famous Bollywood Dialogues12. Namak Halal (1982) – Amitabh Bachchan

Famous Bollywood Dialogues13. Mr. India (1987) – Amrish Puri

Famous Bollywood Dialogues14. Shahenshah (1988) – Amitabh Bachchan

Famous Bollywood Dialogues15. Damini (1993) – Sunny Deol

Famous Bollywood DialoguesDon’t these famous Bollywood dialogues just bring a sweet memory back to you, the memory of the first time you watched the movie and everything about the scenario.

Jyotsna Amla

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