Any creative person with dreams that are larger than their life has been through many obstacles. From teachers to sometimes even parents, they have told us to dream about something practical, something that is tangible and easy to attain. However, in a day and time like this, where we are exposed to a thing like the Internet that connects everyone. We Can Do Anything.

And, if anytime you start doubting your idea and yourself because nothing is working out for you, then watch this video.

Casey Neistat, a Youtuber with more than 6.5 million subscribers, has always presented some of the best work on YouTube which is the reason behind him going viral every now and then. This time he gathered a bunch of Youtubers and narrated his, as well as their, story to give a message of “Do What You Can’t Do”.

Watch The Video Over Here:

Source: CaseyNeistat

Casey Neistat himself has had a life with many bumps and hurdles, which he has surpassed and just like him, there are many out there. Apart from being the bread and butter for YouTubers, YouTube has also been a great platform for those who have a great idea to do something that they are usually frowned and doubted upon.

As Casey Neistat says, “In this new world, no one knows anything.”

“The haters and the doubters are all drinking champagne on the top deck of the Titanic and we are the fucking Iceberg.”

Follow your dreams, your passion and your idea to do anything that you want to, and you’ll have the power of the Internet to make it a success and if, it didn’t work out the first time, worry not. Try and try until you succeed.

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8th March 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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