Vir Das’ Musical Roundup Would Make You Realise How Fucked Up 2016 Was!

Oxford Dictionary named ‘post-truth’ as the word of the year, due to all the ups and downs our world has witnessed this year. However, if India had to choose a word of the year, they would probably have a hard time on it, due to a variety of options that we have seen.

Vir Das’ musical potcast and his roundup include all the big and small things that were on our television sets and on the Internet throughout the year. In this musical roundup, he sang about demonetisation, surgical strike, the ban on sex education, cashless economy and much much more. All of these issues were sung on popular Christmas carol music that gave a year-end feel to it, which was definitely relaxing.

This year the pressure of proving yourself to random people about your love for India was too much. There were bizarre rules and laws that added to all the circus of name calling unknowns as Pakistani, anti-national and what not just because they’re not on the same page as you. We can’t question our Prime Minister anymore because he’s the King and whatever our beloved PM does, is absolutely perfect. There’s no artistic freedom or even freedom of speech, for that matter.

All of this made our 2016 nerve wracking and confusing as heck, which is why all that we can wish, for now, is a calm, peaceful and righteous 2017.

Please be controversy and stupidity free.

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22 December 2016
Jyotsna Amla

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