Some super creative advertisements have started circulating on all our social media accounts which basically advertise for a new start-up, NestAway Talkies. They’ve started pointing out issues that some landlords expect or not expect from their tenants. While they first came out with advertisement where bachelors were not given the place or someone who is non-vegetarian won’t be given a house in the shuddh-desi household.

The company sells the idea of looking for houses online through their own website where one can simply select their preferences while looking at their choices.

There recent addition to some groundbreaking advertisement is that of a so-called ‘Sanskari Nari’ in Indian society. While many are considering it to be an appropriate depiction of how we girls are being treated by the society and judged by them on some mortality grounds, some are sharing their own stories of how they’re not society’s Sanskari Nari.

( Video Courtesy: NestAway Talkies )

You need to see these tweets by people on twitter to understand all the ups and downs that one has to go through in order to achieve or abandon the epitome of being a ‘Sanskari Nari’ with their #SanskariNari.

Check them out here:

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