When love knocks, it changes your world. Everything in life becomes heavenly, even the most hideous situations start to seem bearable and the world becomes a beautiful place.

As delightful as finding love becomes, losing your beloved rips your heart apart. It is shattering when life plays a disastrous game and you just sit there doing nothing because circumstances leave you helpless.

The feeling of losing your love is devastating but what if life gives you a second chance to save your love and heart from the agony? This short film featuring Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz gives you a heartwarming message which makes you realize that you should always hold on to love.

Watch The Full Video Here:

(Video Courtesy: LargeShortFilms)

This 12-minute long short film is uploaded by LargeShortFilms and directed by Adhiraj Bose. Having a strong cast of Naseeruddin and Shernaz in lead and Naveen Kasturia, and Shweta Prasad in supporting roles, the movie hits all the right chords and makes you realize that love is worth saving at any point of the life.

This old couple is giving us major goals and is teaching why you should never let love go!

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27 January 2017
Avni S. Singh

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