Kangana Ranaut is currently in the news for her past relationships and breakups but no one can deny that her journey in Bollywood has been inspiring for many. She is a National Award winning actress and with her spectacular performances over the time she won a lot of hearts and has a huge fan following. We do not know anything about her personal life but her hard work and dedication for her career is clearly visible to everyone of us.

Reebok India has launched a new ad featuring Kangana and she nailed it like a winner she already is. Her voice over will give you chills and inspire you to follow your dreams. Her story will make you think why you should always fight to be better. In the video she is skipping and her voice over is playing in the background which narrates her story of struggle. If you have been waiting for something to come up and give you inspiration to fight a bit harder in life then believe us this video will help.

Watch The Reebok Ad Here:

(Video Courtesy: Reebok India)

Chilling isn’t it? She may have losing some supporters right now but her struggle to become the Bollywood Queen is definitely something you can take inspiration from. As it is said you are never too late to start over and follow your dreams, so if you are, better buckle up and start fighting to fit in the perfect world of yours.

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7 May, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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