Mumbai! The city has a Midas touch which turns everyone’s dreams into reality. (Of course one has to dream big to get the bigger opportunity but the city never fails anyone. While there are a lot of places in Mumbai where you can watch happy people everyday, there is nothing like Marine Drive. You will find all sorts of people there but the couples there look distinctively magical together. Why?

Well, because the place heightens the romance and it’s feel. you can usually guess the story of every couple, from happy one to the one who is falling apart. The place has witnessed countless love stories…some…which met their good fate… some… who ended for their own good. There are many people who sit there everyday to spend some peaceful quality time with each other but The Affair, is about a very unusual love story that will leave you speechless!

‘The Affair’: Watch The Full Short Film Here:

( Video Courtesy: DrishyamFilms )

‘The Affair’ is uploaded by Drishyam Films and has the most unexpected yet beautiful love story. Every Mumbaikar will totally relate to it and such stories prove that we still need love and are willing to do anything for it.

13 July 2017
Avni S. Singh