Sunidhi Chauhan is one hell of a singer, one of the best in Bollywood for sure and there is no doubt that her energetic voice can make you dance even when you are drowning in the oceans of sorrow. Over the years she has given us number of hits and her live performances make people go banana. With her coruscating voice and invigorating songs she has managed to mesmerise us for so long and now Sunidhi is entertaining us with her new talent.

Sunidhi debuted as an actor in a short film ‘Playing Priya’ and this thriller will make you go weak at the knees. She has always nailed it as a singer but she is killing it as an actor too. Well, let’s just say not all the pretty faces are dumb and she is definitely one of those. Before you go ahead and watch ‘Playing Priya’, just remember one thing, if you are a person with a weak heart, it may be dangerous for you to watch. Don’t blame us later!

Watch ‘Playing Priya’  Short Movie Here:

( Video Courtesy: humaramovie )

Hello! Are you out of shock yet? Well, nobody would have anticipated such unexpected twist in the plot in this movie. I mean she was just a normal girl till that man came. Right? Anyways, that’s what you get when Sunidhi stars in a movie and frankly speaking, she nailed it right on point. The movie is a directorial genius by Arif Ali and uploaded by Youtube channel humaramovie.

Still Got Goosebumps or Just Shit Scared?

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29 July, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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