Jim Morrison has a grave in Paris that’s actually a shrine. Each year, on his birth and death anniversary and honestly, the time in between, it is visited by hundreds and thousands of fans from around the world. There’s little surprise then that amid a music fest albeit decorated with somber tunes, haunting lyrics, typical of The Doors’ period, the place is called a ‘shrine.’ Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation has a shrine that’s actually more than a final resting place. For a shrine, it can be said, evokes emotions, encourages a whirlwind reminder of all that a man, a great one, in this case, stood for.

And having said that when one thinks of personalities from India, belonging to a country that’s unabashed in its display of emotion for an icon, one cannot be blamed for finding something utterly emotional, from a fan perspective.

Isn’t it?

Which is perhaps why, the news that famous actor Shah Rukh Khan, aka SRK, having a shrine in his honor, interestingly, whilst he’s active in Bollywood, may not surprise many. To that regard, what might actually surprise a few who happen to be reading this piece would be the person who brought the so-called shrine for Shah Rukh Khan to everyone’ notice.

Have any clue? Okay, let’s give some. He may not have a sharp political bent of mind but his natural talent for communication, rather a flair for it, as seen in both the written and oral form compliments his ability to engage with the youth on social media, their platform of choice.

A 140 character restriction doesn’t really seem one for this man who’s both an exemplary speaker, someone who can tell the Brits to shut up in front of them (without even appearing crude) and also pen bestsellers on repeat-mode.

He may be called Dr. Shashi Tharoor. But owing to his proclivity for Twitter, a platform that actually finds a rich purpose often through his erudite opinions, one wonders why isn’t the gentle Keralite called Twitter Tharoor (pun intended)?

On a recent trip to one of India’s most charismatic and picturesque destinations down south, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, in Munnar happen to visit a hotel and found to his pleasant surprise, what he’s describing as a ‘shrine for Shah Rukh Khan.’

Did you know?

Well, here’s the exact truth of the matter.

It appears that back in 2013, the hotel where Shah Rukh Khan had stayed during the filming of his famous Bollywood blockbuster- Chennai Express- has taken upon itself to construct what’s been called a sweet shrine for Shah Rukh Khan.

Do not think of any concrete fortification, do not presume anything else. Here’s the truth of the matter.

The hotel room where Shah Rukh happened to have stayed has now been checkered with posters, cut-outs and whatnot, all in sheer appreciation for Bollywood’s king of romance. And rather interestingly, Dr. Tharoor happened to have stayed in the same hotel room, which was a pure coincidence. And hence, purely out of a surprise, a good one at that, according to one of India’s finest orators ever, one’s gotten to know about this shrine for Shah Rukh Khan. Understandably so, the Congress politician was quick to take to Twitter- what else- to express his pleasantness at having discovered the shrine which he duly brought to the notice of the man who inspired it.

How nice, isn’t it?

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