Shekhar Suman Just Indirectly Called Kangana Ranaut A Cocained Actress

Kangana Ranaut is not just an actor anymore, she is a Bollywood glory and people’s actor who has turned out to be a breath of fresh air for the audience. She is definitely different in her public image approach when compared to other Bollywood celebrities.

So, when someone like Shekhar Suman (who already has a history with Kangana) says something negative about the actress, people are not going to take it with ease.

See, back in the days Shekhar’s son Adhyayan was dating Kangana and they even had a film together, but then both parted their ways which is quite normal. However, the kind of hate Adhyayan still holds for Ranaut was out in public last year when the actor accused her of doing black magic on him in order to destroy him and his career. This was the time when the hushed out secret of Suman duo was out to the public, for which they did receive a major backlash.

Now, Kangana’s recent release Rangoon is not able to do as well as it was expected to do which is already upsetting for her fans. While some blamed the story some blamed the script, the movie is getting negative feedbacks. Even Shekhar Suman decided to give his review in the most indirect way possible.

He tweeted.

Through this tweet, clearly not direct yet very direct, Suman made a charge at Kangana being a cocaine head who has eventually failed with a film. Well, Mr Suman as much as we respect you, one film does not point out success or failure in your entire career.

Something like this would clearly not go down well we Kangana fans to which their replied in the most blatant way possible. Even Adhyayan had a short Twitter spat with one of the people.

Check them out over here:

Shekhar Suman decided to end the matter, once in for all, and replied to the trolls:

28th February 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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