Shahid And Meera Are Joining Karan On The Couch And We Just Can’t Wait!!

This Season Of “Koffee With Karan” gave us some of the biggest hit episodes and close-mouthed gossips. From Shahrukh Khan to Aamir Khan, almost every who’s who of B-town has graced the bespangled couch and guess who two are going to walk in the next episode? Shahid Kapoor with his adorable wife Meera Kapoor, the couple has always been in the news since they got married but the world actually doesn’t know much about them. Watching them together for the first time will be fun that’s obvious, but when it’s Karan’s couch, you can always expect some ‘conjectures, drama and controversies’  and the latest teaser tells that the episode is going to be full of it.

Shahid and Meera look adorable as they speak keeping the magnanimous amount of comfort and ease between them. The bond they share is rare and it truly explains why they are perfect for each other. We have known Shahid as a ‘hilarious one‘ but Meera is no less and after watching this teaser we promise that you will wait eagerly to see the full episode.

Watch The Teaser Here:

Did you notice how Shahid proudly announced that Meera is everything he ever wanted in a girl? Well, it was certainly an ‘Aww’ moment and the embarrassing fact that Meera revealed about her lovable hubby is too funny to ignore.

They are proud parents of a girl now and still they squabble like girlfriend-boyfriend over silly thing and we guess that’s what make them the perfect Bollywood couple.

Someone Spin The Time Wheel And Let Saturday Be Today!!

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26 December 2016
Avni S. Singh

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