There’s nothing more Bollywood and cinemaholics would want at this time other than a fitter and shapely Irrfan Khan. That’s what everyone’s been waiting for and been perturbed with.

“When will we see Irrfan Khan come back stronger and fitter?” Few actors have had the kind of impact and left a touch that Irrfan’s etched in the heart of the film-industry.

It would mean so much. And truth be told, it would mean a lot to everybody associated with this great and one of a kind Khan. With his endearing personality, acting charisma and that simple, very likeable essence- Irrfan Khan has lent his own rare colours to an industry so full of itself and so often running on a cliched mode.

So recently when news surrounding Irrfan’s extensive treatment for a deadly medical condition came about, there were prayers amid concerns and curiousness amid worry. It seemed- even if there was a sense of positive in it- that the world was united in this grieving, crestfallen time for Irrfan Khan and his family.

But nothing could be more positive and heartening than the recent sweet gesture extended by the one and only Baadhshah of Bollywood; King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. There was a recent news that includes these two fantastic actors that has been doing the rounds and goes on to prove that after all, Bollywood’s got a heart too.

So here’s what happened.

A few days before, the ailing actor was to leave for the United Kingdom for his treatment, his wife, also a noted writer-scriptwriter Ms Sutapa had apparently rung Shah Rukh Khan, asking him to meet Irrfan. It so happened that Shah Rukh was shooting closer to Irrfan’s residence at Madh Island, at the Mehboob Studios. So, this meant that King Khan was just around.

Over the phone, Mrs Irrfan Khan had asked Shah Rukh to visit Irrfan as he’d been wanting to meet King Khan once before he left for further treatment, as the two happen to be good friends. Incidentally, they’ve also shared screen space, doing the heart-wrenching Billu, a few years back.

Shah Rukh, therefore, wrapped up his shoot and met Irrfan Khan and his family at their house at Madh Island. It’s believed that all of them happened to have spent well over two hours, just generally chatting and spending some good time together. One wonder’s how often do such scenes transpire for real when famous acting contemporaries happen to spend time together; everyone being way too busy day in, day out.

And here’s the most important bit that happened during Shah Rukh Khan’s meeting with the great versatile Irrfan. Just when the Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge actor was leaving Irrfan’s home, he handed him the keys to his London home. It’s, of course, a well-known fact that King Khan has a luxury apartment in the heart of London.

Not only did Shah Rukh not think even once before handing over the keys of his posh London home to Irrfan, he, in fact, asked the family to tell him if they need anything whilst they are there. Wishing his good friend and co-star, a happy recovery, Shah Rukh said adieu and left.

This simply proves that while we keep on hearing constant tales about all the bad blood and misunderstandings leading to manic ego wars between Bollywood actors, not everyone’s selfish and self-centred. That there’s a lot of space still for the other person in Bollywood’s heart is the stupendous lesson learnt in this episode. These days, Shah Rukh is busy wrapping up his next ‘big release’, Zero. Expectations are high from this film.

Not only is this flick expected to showcase Shah Rukh in a rare character; something that up until now, he has never played, it’s also slated to be a great mix between the drama, romance and comedy genre- a real shake-up that only stars like SRK can manage. But here’s the thing to note.

Even as Shah Rukh’s next big release is titled Zero, for all that he did for Irrfan, courtesy, his very sweet gesture, Shah Rukh is anything but a Zero. He is, what he plays on the big screen: a hero! Isn’t that true?

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