A superstar, a charismatic actor, an emotional and heart-warming performer and above all, a mega blockbuster-producing machine- which title best defines Salman Khan? He is, probably, all this and more. There are few actors whose movies make every Friday- upon the release of a film- something interesting and something exciting to look forward to. But that’s not all there’s to Salman. There are actors and then there are those who believe in doing something good about newcomers and rising actors who few actually know of.

So when ‘Bhai’ puts his hand on someone and recommends an individual then you can be sure of something interesting given that the talent carries a ‘Salman Khan’ seal of authority. So is there someone new and brimming with confidence, now that Salman Khan has rallied his support behind a newcomer?

In the past also Salman Khan has introduced quite a few actors to the silver screen. He rallied behind his then-girlfriend, Katrina Kaif, who’s since then, become an important pivot of Bollywood movies. He expressed his support toward Zarine Khan. He has backed a few other stars who’ve gone on to find their place under the sun. But now, it seems, there’s another Khan who Salman himself is launching. The name of this lucky fellow is Zaheer Iqbal- an upcoming name in Bollywood.

According to the mega-hit actor behind movies like Ready, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and, Dabbang, Zaheer Iqbal is ‘a born actor’. Although Zaheer Iqbal does not belong in any way to a Bollywood family, hence there being no possible connect, Salman happens to be knowing his father. And the duo has known each other for quite some time. Perhaps, that’s where the familiarity springs from? Who’s to know.

But here is what is known about Zaheer Iqbal. The famous Bandra-boy recently told the media that Zaheer was born to act. This, in itself, is such a poignant statement that it raises the hope and expectations of the latest face in Bollywood. Apparently, the new exciting news about Iqbal is that he will soon be seen on the big screen. Expected to be a part of a movie being made under the SKF banner, an acronym of Salman Khan Films, this may just be another new success story in making. While Salman has been a godfather to quite a few names in the past, he hasn’t really spelt such a meaningful quote, as to be saying that “he is meant to be an actor” in regards to others in the past.

That said, the most interesting thing, however, is the story of how Salman spotted Zaheer Iqbal. According to the star, he found Zaheer Iqbal in midst of his sister’s wedding wherein he performed an act of the stage during the on-going ceremonies. So impressed was the Tubelight actor that he began a conversation thereafter with the avid newcomer.

Proving his affinity for the new actor, Salman Khan even took to popular microblogging platform Twitter and posted the heartwarming albeit important message- “How these kids grow up so soon… ALWAYS keep giving your best #ZAHERO no matter what. Stand tall and always bend backwards for those u love and those who love u, Yeh yaad rakhna that the most important thing in life is Respect and Loyalty. @iamzahero,” said Salman. Bhai being at his candid and thoughtful best, isn’t it?

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