Few actors generate the frenzy of excitement that Salman Khan does. Truth be told, a movie after another and one doesn’t know which one would be a bigger Salman Khan juggernaut. He became a big popular culture symbol with Dabangg.

He was unstoppable and sweet in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. He gave the country a heart-wrenching advice in Jai Ho. Salman even played cat and mouse on the streets of Poland in Kick before taking the country back to the beating heart of the hinterland in his epic Sultan.

Is there a day when Salman Khan doesn’t work? Rather, is there a moment in his life when Salman Khan doesn’t eat, live or sleep cinema? Well, after the critical and commercial failure of Race 3- a movie that didn’t surprise much in its outcome- the onus is back on everyone’s favourite ‘Bhai’ to rise back with a big hit.

And right then comes the news of his upcoming movie Bharat. A keenly-anticipated movie, this one is expected to bring back the real Salman Khan- the one name behind massive successes and big-budget flicks that produce box-office gold.

The upcoming film is being made by Ali Abbas Zafar and is steadily gaining traction amongst curious fans as to what might be Salman Khan’s role in the film? Interestingly, for starters, Ali Abbas Zafar has been responsible for the epica action hit- Tiger Zinda Hai. He was also responsible for filming Salman’s greatest career-hit Sultan. Now that the director-actor duo is back and that too, with a new film, expectations run rife as to what might the subject of the plot be and what’s ‘Bhai’s’ role in it?

Salman Khan
Indian Express

Well, in case, you’ve wondered about the story or narrative about the film, then no prizes for guessing because it’s something you may never have wondered. All set to be a period drama film, Salman Khan will be sifting through various periods of Indian history, going about 70 years back in time and then doing a to and fro.

If that doesn’t sound exciting already, then what will? Against this backdrop, Ashley Rebello released a pic on Instagram wherein he shared the expected or near certain Salman Khan look for the said title. It quickly snowballed into becoming an instant hit on the popular social media platform.

The shooting of the film is yet to begin and the movie-maker has informed the curious audiences about the start expected to be this coming Sunday. So, the perfect weekend it is when the movie gets on the floors.

A lot more information in regards to the film was released thereafter and you can catch it all here.

“Salman Khan in Bharat one day down many more to go / @beingsalmankhan.”

Indian Express was known to have published its verdict on the image of Salman for Bharat.

“Going by the caption, it can be said that this is the actor’s look in the movie. There’s nothing special about the photo since Salman’s appears to be his normal self, sporting a black t-shirt and a leather jacket, but it is being said that the 52-year-old actor has undergone a transformation for his role in the movie.”

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