Salman Khan Answers About Aishwarya Rai And Ideal Marriage Question

Salman Khan, Undoubtedly was the star at the “Bigg Boss Nau” launch and when Salman Is there you can’t imagine the event without any controversial drama.

Salman Khan

At a press event of forthcoming season “Bigg Boss Nau“, which has a ‘double trouble‘ theme. He was again asked about when is he getting “doubled” (married) and the actor who is often grilled about his reluctance to get married, shared that he doesn’t believe in the ‘Happily Ever After’ concept and no one get married for a lifetime nowadays.

The actor questioned whom should he get married to and for how much time.

Salman Khan
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Marriages are not for a lifetime now. The time has changed. It is about ‘temporary Shaadi’ (wedding) now,” Salman said.

Salman has dodged questions about his marriage for long with his humour and wit. He has always made headlines for his rumoured relationships but the sad part remains that he is still being asked “off-beat” questions.

The last question at the event a lady reporter asked Salman: Will the Jazbaa team come on Bigg Boss 9 to promote their film?

Salman laughed really hard and said: Inko pata tha ki yeh last sawaal hai! Taaliyan madam ke liye…Kya jazbaati sawaal kiya hai apney ….. waah!

He proved no matter how tweaking the questions are he always have “ mooh tod Jawaab”. Salman nailed it like a boss.

30 Sept, 2015
Avni S.Singh

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