With his “Nawabi” style, serious talent, charming gait and, mild-manners, Saif Ali Khan often increases the confusion on the part of his fans. What part of his persona should they like more? Is it his physicality or is it his wicked sense of humour and spot-on acting?

Well, while we don’t really know what is the right answer, here’s what is known.

Soon to release in a theatre near you is a new Saif Ali Khan film, titled, “Baazaar.” On this occasion, Saif will be starring opposite Radhika Apte, another talented and powerhouse performer and interestingly in a movie that pretty much as everything uniquely packaged for it to draw an interesting assortment of audiences.

Nowadays, a thing can be said for certain. One doesn’t quite know what to expect from a typical Bollywood film. In fact, whether the loosely-packed terminology ‘Bollywood commercial film’ even exists anymore, one can’t say for sure.

That said, Saif Ali Khan is one of those actors who seems to have mastered the changing times as being witnessed in contemporary cinema. Confused? Here are some thoughts.

Today, not only have the ideas and times changed but with them, what’s also changed is the taste and nuance of the audiences. Perhaps, that explains why in India, a land where innumerable movies are produced every year, there seems to be a market for films like Raajneeti just as there’s a market for films like Chillar Party and Dabbang.

And interestingly so, in midst of the changing vagaries of the contemporary times- where inspiring films like Iqbal are fondly remembered with the same zeal with which one accepts movies like Dor and M Cream, actors are getting newer, refreshing chances to further hone their craft.

So at a time where being typecast is about as dangerous for actors as is being afflicted by a deadly virus of sorts, finding one’s forte often actually means, furthering one’s craft and doing every-possible versatile role there is.

And precisely that is why it seems, Saif Ali Khan in Baazaar will be able to strut his style and do his thing quite like how he’s managed to pull audiences toward himself through films like Dil Chahta Hai, Cocktail, Being Cyrus- three distinct films that had the Nawab essaying very different characters.

In Bazaar, Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte will share screen space with the very charming and beautiful Chitrangada Singh. Directed by Gauravv K Chawla, the film is also giving a chance to a talented newbie: Rohan Mehra. It is further known that the film is a thriller based on the stock market and one may not be absolutely wrong to suggest that either of the cast- Saif or Radhika- might be essaying a lead character who happens to get involved in the ups and downs of a sphere that’s often absurdly unpredictable.

Saif Ali Khan was seen wearing a dapper suit and sporting a moustache in the promo poster of the film that is currently being circulated on social media and that’s not all. The movie’s punchline also seems rather interesting, the English translation of it stands as follows (from Hindi):

Here money isn’t bigger than God. But then, neither is it any lesser Godly itself.

The film releases next month and a tentative release date has been kept as October 26. At the present moment, the actors have already started interacting with audiences regarding their new film and Saif and Radhika have already tweeted about their film. As you’d know, this is the first time that the two are starring in a mainstream movie together.

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