On Saturday, in a dreadful incident Stage, One of the iconic RK Studios in Chembur caught fire and left Kapoor family in sorrow. The famous iconic Mera Naam Joker mask wore by Raj Kapoor and other costumes worn by all RK banner heroines were lost in that fire.

Rishi Kapoor was in remorse and he put across his sadness using his twitter handles.

Rishi Kapoor was hardly managing to overcome this incident as the loss Kapoor’s generations worth of memorabilia wrenched his heart. Manjul Toons, a cartoonist managed to wake the rage of King of Twitter controversies. He published a cartoon about the incident and suddenly all hell break loose.

A Twitter user brought the cartoon to Rishi Kapoor’s attention. The picture showed Raj Kapoor in heaven looking down on the fire that burnt RK Studios and referred to his debut film ‘Aag’. Manjul Toons managed to make a connection between Raj Kapoor’s ‘Aag’ and the incident of fire. Rishi lost his cool and took offense.

He called it sick and humor and as soon as he tweeted his stance regarding the cartoon Twitterati followed and flooded Twitter with all sorts of reactions.

1. Sick Again!

2. Supporting The Kapoors!

3. Jealous Much?

4. Whoa! That’s Some Threat!

5. Sadistic Artist Or Just A Victim Of The Situation?

6. All Blames!

7. This One Seem A Personal Hater!

8. More Support!

9. Oh No! She Didn’t Said That Out Here.. She Did!

10. Really!

A lot of Twitterati supported Rishi Kapoor but there were some who wanted to take it in a lighter way and understand the intentions of the cartoonist. They wanted Rishi to understand the hidden motivation in the cartoon.

1. Ummm! Probably.

2. Hidden Messages!

3. Positive Sight!

The incident of the fire in RK Studios is certainly devastating. Probably that’s why the humor put up by the cartoonist was way too tickling for the family.

19 September 2017
Avni S. Singh
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