Bollywood has seen a long list of actresses come and go. They come like a tornado, do some great movies, create a fan base all over the country and then they stop working, after which the only time one gets to see them in news is when something really bad happens to them or they get married.

Cut to the current time, when actresses are not only working well after their desirable age (as per the previous bar), but also continue to work after they’re married and have children, all while holding the lead actress board over their heads. That indeed is some improvement for the otherwise misogynistic Bollywood that has always catered to the male frontiers of it.

Along with that, all thanks to the age of social media, we get to be close to our celebrities even when the media chooses not to report on them. There a ton of celebrities that aren’t working in movies anymore, but continue to make a mark on their fans with their social media. One of those is the great Sushmita Sen.

Sen is one of the few actresses that continues to break the molds set by this society for the females of this very society.

She won the highest award for beauty in the world, worked in movies, never married anyone and fulfilled her dream of adopting two daughters. She did it all, along with having a kick-ass body that can bring shame to any 20-something out there.

Ever since she first announced her journey to abs on her Instagram, she has turned into an almost fitness model for the fans who continues to woo them with her posts and push-ups, all in one. Today Sushmita Sen has a total of 2.3 million followers on her Instagram and if you’re not one of them then you need to follow her right away.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to follow Sushmita Sen on Instagram.

1. For her beautiful selfies.

2. For her hot-bod that she’s not shy of showing.

3. For all the work that goes into the making of this hot-bod, that seriously can make even Katrina and Deepika jealous.

4. For the goof-ball that she is.

5. For her fun family time posts that are the cutest thing ever.

6. For all the throwbacks that she posts every now and then.

7. For a look into all the good work that she’s doing for the society.

8. For all the travel that she does.

9. For her glorious post-party looks. How can a human being look this amazing?

10. For her outfit runway walks.

Sushmita Sen on Instagram is the person everyone should be following.

Jyotsna Amla

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