If there’s one thing that Bollywood needs to learn still, then it has to be the ability to know what to say where and how too. Though mishappening of “OMG what did they just said?” are going low on numbers, every now and then, some big celeb comes out of their cave and continues to blabber without really giving a thought to what they’re about to say. We have seen it happening for a long time now and the recent victim to this long line of annoyance is Ranveer Singh.

The Padmavat actor recently while giving an interview talked about how poor his family was and all that they did had, was to be saved for this one big summer holiday for which they went to different international destinations, though the US was something they traveled to the most.

These were his exact words after which there was an outpour of jibes against Ranveer Singh and his past, along with a quirky #YoRanveerSoPoor trend. But that’s not the news since everyone already knows about it. The major that sparked another outpour of the same kind of sarcasm was Ranveer’s throwback picture of his childhood days at the gym.

He posted the picture with a caption, “Gettin my cardio done like…#throwback #mondaymotivation” and soon people started calling out the resemblance of Ranveer’s destitute childhood with that of the gym at his place. Here are some of the reactions to the past.

A glimpse of #YoRanveerSoPoor came back with this picture, but poor or not, one thing just can’t be ignored about this picture and that is how cute he looks. Just look at that smile.

Jyotsna Amla

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